Take Nutrition Out To Eat.

With Nutrilyze, you can eat at all your favorite restaurants and explore new ones with the same control you have at home. Don’t guess whether there’s soy in your salad, or if your panini has enough protein. We use USDA guidelines to create a model that adapts to your needs, ensuring that you can have your micro and macro nutritional cake and eat it too.

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Adaptive scoring to the individual.

Nutrilyze scores the nutrition of restaurant meals based on user activity, biometrics and dietary habits. We help consumers discover what meals they should be eating for a better quality of life.

Top meals chosen by dietitians.

Nutrilyze offers curated meal selections based on your preferences, dietary restrictions, and health goals. We’re taking the guesswork out of dining menus, and putting the power in your palm (and on your fork.)

Featuring hometown favorites.

New information and new meals doesn’t mean a break away from your tried and true grub spots. We have over 100 partner restaurants currently, and have a growing appetite!

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Eliminate Risky Ingredients

Avoid Allergic Reactions

Lose Weight

Find Meals for Your Lifestyle

Build Muscle

Easily Track your Success





Susan, 38

“I’m Celiac and this app helps me find gluten-free meals while I’m out with friends.”

R.J., 27

“This app helps me find clean, high-protein meals that fit my training diet.”

Mike, 22

“My girlfriend is vegan and this helps us find restaurants we both agree on.”

Bre, 28

“I can now find healthy meals while traveling that fit my weight-loss plan.”

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