I know that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah are all great – but how many of you celebrate Taco Tuesday? It’s by far my favorite (weekly) holiday. 

Our list of taco joints is for all kinds of taco fans. If you are a purist and want nothing more than meat, onion, and cilantro on a tortilla – awesome! If you want more of a modern take with fancy fillings – we found some of those too. There are even some awesome vegetarian and vegan options! What are some of your favorite taco spots you’ve found on the Nutrilyze app?


Bichelmeyer Meats

704 Cheyenne Ave, Kansas City, KS 66105

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. “What the heck does a German butcher know about tacos?” Trust me. Head over to Bichelmeyer on a Saturday to enjoy some of the best carnitas or spicy chicken tacos that one can find. You KNOW that the meat is as fresh as can be and believe me when I say you are getting what you pay for.  You will barely be able to close your tortilla because of how packed with meat it is.


2450 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108

If you are looking for something a bit out of the normal scope of tacos – then make sure to put Unforked on your schedule this fall season. Their ‘Voodoo Veggie Taco’ is your choice of a corn tortilla or lettuce wrap packed to the brim with seasonally fresh items like sweet potatoes, pears and ‘pepitas’ (pumpkin seeds). This vegetarian, gluten-free taco option won’t last for long and as the seasons change – who knows how long this meat-free taco option will be available.


7103 NW Barry Rd, Kansas City, MO 64153

There’s nothing wrong with a trio of street tacos that you eat standing up in a small loud restaurant with a flat top 15 feet to your right, but sometimes you want something that includes a bit more of a dining feel to it. That’s where Ixtapa comes in. They do offer a handful of ‘Tex-Mex’ choices on their menu – but what they excel in is their pride in authentic Mexican cuisine. Their tacos come with layer upon layers of flavor. Their squash blossom tacos are absolutely delicious if you’re going vegetarian but you can’t go wrong with any of their meat choices : Steak, chicken, pork or shrimp.

Tacos El Gallo

806 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108

If all you want is a plate of tacos without any frills or other distractions – then Tacos El Gallo should be your spot. It’s basically a kitchen that’s part of a Mexican grocery store which is extremely common in Mexico. These two bite tacos will be cooked right in front of you and come with all the right fix-ins. Cilantro, onion, lime, a few sliced radishes and your choice of salsa will be scattered on your plate. Don’t expect your plate to last too long. These are way too good to even Instagram a picture of.

Port Fonda

4141 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO 64111

This spot specializes in keeping a rustic authentic feel to all of its dishes – while adding a contemporary layer of flavor to everything. I recommend starting off with their guacamole before going into full taco frenzy. They have carnitas, green-chile marinated chicken breast, and even a fried avocado taco. There really is no wrong one to pick here. Close your eyes and put your finger on one – you will leave happy.

El Camino Real

903 N 7th St Trfy, Kansas City, KS 66101

Right off 7th St in downtown Kansas City, Kansas are some of the most authentic street tacos you can find at El Camino Real. The tortillas and ingredients are cooked practically right in front of you. If you’re in the mood for At only $1 each, all of them are worth trying – especially the Tacos Al Pastor.

Mission Taco Joint

409 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108

This spot is where you wanna go if you want something a bit out of the ordinary. Every bite of their BBQ Duck taco will reveal another layer of flavor. The Cho-Fu taco is loaded with avocado, soy chorizo, ancho-agave BBQ, toasted pepitas, arugula, pickled jalapeno and crispy onions…and yes it is indeed vegan. If you want something a bit more traditional – their carne asada taco is a great simple way to enjoy the Mexican flavors you know that you’re craving. I have to shout out the Mango-hop-anero shrimp made with 4 Hands Incarnation IPA battered shrimp.


One of my favorite things about tacos is just how diverse they can be. The definition of a taco is very much loose (Sorry, purists) and as long as you have your favorite fillings in some kind of taco vessel – you can enjoy Taco Tuesday to your heart’s delight. These are just a few of some of the incredible taco joints in Kansas City.


Which one of your favorite taco spots are we missing?

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